Purchasing tools for your upcoming semester can be a challenging, highly detail oriented and time consuming process. We are here to change that. 
Tinkertown Supply is not simply here to sell you tools. We are your one stop shop for the exact tools your instructors require. In the spirit of partnering with you, your parents and the instructors, we do the research so you don't have to. Each kit is specifically tailored to a curriculum.  We have been doing this program since 1994, and know what tools and quality level you need. 
The process is fairly simple. Please select your program from the list below to view the required and optional tools (if applicable). You can purchase a complete tool kit for your course or, if you already have some tools, you can select only the tools you need. The first item on the first page is the one that you would purchase if you need the whole kit. After that, each item within the kit is listed for purchase individually. 
We will deliver your tools to the Delhi campus by the first day of class FREE OF CHARGE. 
Please order by August 1st to ensure delivery by the first day of classes. Orders placed after August 1st will be processed and filled, but the closer we get to the beginning of the semester, the greater the risk becomes of a few items going on backorder.  We will work hard to fill all orders as completely as possible and will deliver any tools & supplies that are available by the first day of classes. Any backordered tools will be shipped to Central Receiving under your name. 
*Because of the nature of our customized kits, we are unable to ship to your home address.
*Prices subject to change without notice.