Welcome to Alfred State College!

Purchasing tools for your upcoming semester can be a challenging, highly detail oriented and time consuming process. We are here to change that. 
Tinkertown Supply is not simply here to sell you tools. We are your one stop shop for the exact tools your instructors require. In the spirit of partnering with you, your parents and the instructors, we do the research so you don't have to. Each kit is specifically tailored to a curriculum.  Since 1994, we have been working with your instructors to ensure that the tools in our kits are not only exactly what you need, but also at the quality level they require. 
The process is fairly simple. Please select your program from the list at the bottom of the page to view the required and optional tools (if applicable). You can purchase a complete tool kit for your course or, if you already have some tools, you can select only the tools you need. The first item on the first page is the one that you would purchase if you need the whole kit. After that, each item within the kit is listed for purchase individually. 
We will deliver your tools to the Wellsville campus (Alfred campus for Machine tool students) by the first day of class FREE OF CHARGE.
Hand tools have a lifetime warranty. Milwaukee power tools have a 5yr warranty on the tool and a 2 year warranty on the batteries.
We are located minutes away from the Alfred and Wellsville campus. This allows us to followup with the students frequently after the semester starts to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase. 
Paying for your tools using financial aid or NYS or VA assistance? Contact Nate at supply@tinkinc.net and he can work with you through the process.
When you get to the "Shipping Address" section at Checkout, please enter "Wellsville Campus" "Wellsville, NY 14895" and then your phone number and email address. Shipments for these kits will automatically be delivered to the campus, not your home. 
***The total amount due at Checkout will not include the 8.5% tax rate for NYS + Allegany County. Once you place your order, we will add the tax to the amount due and send a shipping confirmation with the total.  You may also see an "Estimated Shipping" figure at check out. This is something that the website does automatically, but you will not be charged for shipping!
Please order by August 1st to ensure delivery by the first day of classes. Orders placed after August 1st will be processed and filled, but the closer we get to the beginning of the semester, the greater the risk becomes of a few items going on backorder.  We will work hard to fill all orders as completely as possible and will deliver any tools & supplies that are available by the first day of classes. Any backordered tools will be automatically delivered directly to you on campus as they arrive. 
*Because of the nature of our customized kits, we are unable to ship to your home address. (Time is given during the first day or two of classes to take inventory and engrave your name on the tools)
*Prices subject to change without notice.
*Please note that consumable items such as conduit, wire, etc... are non-returnable.


"Great company, Nathan was outstanding to work with. He explained the tools and any questions I had throughout my son's 2 year program. Very helpful and professional. Workers in the store in Alfred were also great, helped us find some additional supplies we picked out and they delivered those supplies to Wellsville campus free of any charge." - Jeffrey Herring (ASC Electrical Student)
"This service was a life saver.  Absolutely loved the fact that quality tools and supplies were delivered straight to the classroom.  No worries about not having the right equipment or not having the appropriate supplies.  I would recommend Tinkertown to anyone entering the trades." - Anonymous ASC Student
"Great customer service, they work with you in purchasing items one is clueless about, calls are returned in reasonable time, very accommodating, delivery right to school a VERY BIG HELP. Definitely recommend!" - Jeanette (Parent of ASC Student)
"Friendly Staff, Excellent Tools, GREAT SERVICE." - Lynn (ASC Electrical Student)
"Nate helped me both years and it was so easy." - CJ Blanchard (ASC Building Trades Student)
"It was especially nice to have the list of tools all ready on the website to place the order" - Zimmerman (ASC Electrical Student)

Tinkertown Tool Kit Scholarship
Tinkertown Incorporated is very pleased to announce the sponsorship of a new Alfred State College Tool Kit Scholarship Program. One student will be awarded a Tinkertown Tool Package that includes a complete set of the tools specifically designed for the requirements for his/her program of study. 
To be eligible for consideration you must be a new incoming freshman (1st year) student for the fall 2024 semester who is enrolled in one of the following School of Applied Technology programs taught at the Wellsville campus: 

   Building Construction or Masonry
   Construction & Maintenance Electrician
   Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
   Heavy Equipment Operations
   Machine Tool

How to Apply:
Applicants are required to submit a typed essay outlining the reasons why he/she decided to pursue a career related to their selected course of study. Also, include other information or background that best defines your need for the scholarship.  

   Please submit essay before August 1st   to:
    Curtis T. Corkey
    P.O Box 9
    Almond, NY 14804

*Note: If you have already purchased your tools through Tinkertown and are awarded the scholarship, your award will be in the form of a refund of your purchase price.